2012 Lightning Ridge Police Bush Safari

Hello friends of the Lightning Ridge Police Bush Safari,

We are delighted to invite you to the 2012 Lightning Ridge Police Bush Safari by sharing a true "Outback Adventure" with friends, old and new!

Our 22nd year of going on Safari will be celebrated with a trek to Birdsville and Back and will take in some of the great sights of three states (NSW, SA and QLD).

As you would be aware over the last 6 months there has been large scale flooding out west with flood waters have flowing across the flood plains from Queensland and northern New South Wales. We plan to make the most of all the water and its glorious aftermath. We look forward to seeing abundant bird and wildlife, rare vegetation and left over water in lakes, dams, rivers and marsh lands!

Living in such an arid country we know just how much this change in season means. We can 'feel' the energy of the bush & people - only water can bring this - I hope you will come out and share it with us!

We are travelling out to Birdsville then down the Birdsville Track with a stop off at Maree for Lake Eyre before heading back up the Strzelecki Track to Cameron's Corner then home via White Cliffs.

Your favourite Bush Safari evening entertainment will be on tap with activities that could include a trivia night, movies in the outback, theme nights, the unforgettable Talent Quest - or you can just have a yarn around the campfire at the end of each wonderful day!

The Safari will again be supported by local volunteers from the Ambulance, SES & Police Services as well as a mechanic who will all do their best to keep you safe and happy while enjoying the challenges of outback driving.

All this adventure and fun does have a serious side though! A quarter of all money raised by your entry fees and games/fines en route go directly to the Lightning Ridge SES and the balance goes to local initiatives to benefit the young people of Lightning Ridge. So bring your small change (gold coins) and holiday with us knowing that you are positively contributing to our remote community and also to those through which we pass!

I trust the attached information will whet your appetite for travel and I look forward to receiving your registration - don't forget about the Early Bird discount! If you are unable to join us on our 22nd adventure we would appreciate your support in forwarding this information to your friends and family.

Kind regards,
The Lightning Ridge Police Bush Safari Committee

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