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About the Lightning Ridge Police Bush Safari

your4x4It’s about fun!

70 cars full of people, beautiful and unique scenery, two weeks holiday, entertainment, sausage sizzles, talent quests, campfires, adventure and excitement. What more can you ask for? The Bush Safari is all about creating unforgettable memories, and most importantly – enjoying yourself.
Bring your family, the kids will love it.

About the Safari

Where does the money go?

The Lightning Ridge Police Bush Safari donates all the profits to local groups and initiatives. Over the years we have donated and bought items like play equipment for local parks, we bought a mini bus for a local playgroup, gymnastic mats, numerous donations of sporting equipment to the school. Equipment for the Lightning Ridge Ambulance Station and Hospital and over the last 20 odd years 25% of the raised money went directly to the local SES.

We have recently pledged $30000 to the Australian Opal Centre which is a one of a kind $30mil project that will build a fossil and opal centre at the Ridge. Our contribution is going directly to an Education room within the facility, where school kids will be able to come on excursion and enjoy the mining history of Lightning Ridge and the fossils that were left here millions of years ago. We have also donated to other local groups like the Moorambilla choir, and donated  2 new Hospital mattresses.

What kind of vehicle do I need to participate in the Safari?

The Committee generally recommends 4WDs. 2WD vehicles will be permitted to enter the Lightning Ridge Police Bush Safari but it must be understood that where the road conditions do not suit 2WD that it will be Safari-goers responsibility to take an alternate route in order to meet the group at the designated overnight stop. We will of course try to avoid such a situation but we are not able to control the weather and road conditions at the time of travel. Please note that this applies, generally, to the annual September/October Bush Safari, and special event journeys to certain destinations (such as the 2012 Cape York trip) may have their own vehicle requirements.

What level of experience at driving/offroading do I need?

You need to be a licensed driver. At some points during the Safari, there may be alternate – more adventurous – routes through some areas for more experienced drivers who would like to get their tyres dirty.

What do I need to take with me on the Safari?

Yourself, your children (of all ages!), your vehicle! Also, clothing, spare parts for your vehicle/trailer, camping equipment, a UHF radio is a good idea. Here is a complete list of advisable items to bring along.

Are children permitted on the Safari?

Of course! Children of all ages are welcome.

Are pets allowed on the Safari?

Sorry, no pets are allowed.

What happens in the event of bad weather?

Then we drive in the rain! Sometimes route alterations may occur due to the weather.

Is the Safari ever postponed or changed?

The Bush Safari has never been postponed. We try to plan as much as possible, but there are some things we can’t control, such as the weather. The basic itinerary is set, but the Safari reserve the right to alter travel if it’s required.

What happens if I need mechanical assistance during the Safari?

A volunteer mechanic accompanies the Safari. In the event of a breakdown, the mechanic’s responsibility is to get you to the next service centre, where any major repairs can be carried out. Please be aware that the mechanic (like all of our helpers) is a volunteer. All work is extremely hard on a Safari, and should be supported and assisted as much as possible. You will be expected to pay for any parts or consumables used in any mechanical repairs en-route.

My vehicle is LPG. Will I be able to get gas?

LPG is available in some places along the way, but not all. Please keep this in mind, as well as the distances between places in the bush.

Can I join the Safari after it has left Lightning Ridge?

Arrangements can be made for you to join along the way, however there is no discount on the registration fee for any parts you miss out on.